Steak, Seafood, and ribs menu

                    Steak Dinner                       Chesapeake Seafood Platter                               Ribs


Try our tender steak, Chesapeake seafood platter and our one of a kind rib dinner. Hand-breaded, butterflied shrimp fried to a golden brown and world famous "SHE CRAB" soup. We offer our fresh flounder,  scallops, and sea trout.. On the Lighter side discover delicious  tuna  or Atlantic salmon dishes.

Chicken and pork menu

            Fried  Chicken                                    Bake Chicken                                     Pork Chops


Your mouth will water once you've experienced or crispy fried chicken or special seasoned bake chicken served with your favorite side dish. If it's "the other white meat" your craving, then you have to try our grilled, fried , or  smothered and covered with gravy style of  pork chops.

soup, Salads, & sandwiches menu

           She Crab Soup                          Tuna  or Chicken Cold Plate                    Salad with Chicken


On the Lighter side discover our delicious and always fresh house salads which are great for lunch and dinner. All of our Side Salad meals are served with rolls. Enjoy!



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appetizers & vegetarian menu

             "Surry's Best"                                  Old Fashion                                 Farmhouse Stuffed

          Vegetable Medley                               Apple Pie                                           Mushrooms

Start off with an appetizer such as "Surry's Best "  Vegetable Medley ....or  Old-fashion Apple Pie.......maybe you'd like to sample our exclusive Farmhouse Stuffed Mushrooms for our vegetarian patron.